Data SDK inspects the requests in your web app to detect and block security attacks. As part of its operation, the SDK sends the following data to the server.

Incident related data

In case an incident is detected in a request, the following request data is sent to the server. You can view this data for any incident in the incident details section.
• Argument containing the offending payload (e.g. GET parameter, HTTP header)
• IP address of the request
• HTTP method of the request (e.g. GET, POST)
• Server (taken from the HTTP host header)
• Path (path of the request)
• User Agent

Application related data

To make sure that the SDK works with your web application, and to build future security features, the following web application data is sent to the server.
• Packages used in your web application (e.g. In Node.js, dependencies listed in your project's package.json)