If you have installed the SDK correctly in your web app, then you should see the total requests data getting updated in your dashboard. If the data is not getting updated in your dashboard, you can take the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Starting the SDK

The SDK should be started as early in your application execution as possible. This would be different for different web applications, but the following general guidelines can help.
Language Framework Guidelines
Python Django Start the SDK in file (located in the same directory as
Python Flask Start the SDK after you create the Flask app, and pass the Flask app instance to the SDK
Node.js Express Start the SDK at the beginning of your project's app.js file

Configuration file

The SDK may be facing issues because of incorrect creation of the needle.ini file. The file should be located in the root folder of your project, and should have the right permissions for the SDK to access it.

SDK debug mode

You can turn on the debug mode for the SDK, which will print the verbose output from the SDK to the terminal.
# Start the SDK in debug mode
import needle_sdk